Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 73: A Year Older

I woke up to a very beautiful Sunday morning today. For a perk-me-up, the fam bam had breakfast at the local batchoy shop.  The fresh noodles, pork bits and chicharon, garlic, leeks and glorious caldo (hot broth) made our tummies warm and satisfied.  We did a short joy ride around our small city before hearing mass at Sto. Niño Shrine.  For lunch, we hopped over to Mom's Finest Buffet to officially celebrate my natal day.  We arrived just in time for the much-awaited Pacquiao-Clottey boxing match to begin.  I was so happy to find my favorite Kare-Kare as part of the it!!!  So my birthday feast consisted of Kare-Kare, Garlic Chicken, Fried Tilapia, Spaghetti, Pork Sarciado and Steamed Rice.  Jarred insisted I should have cake since it's my birthday but I told him that older people don't really get birthday cakes anymore.  To this he wittingly replied, "Don't worry Mom...I know exactly what to do!"  He scooted over to the dessert table and filled bowls and saucers with yummy dessert fare.  When he came back to the table, he said..."Here Mom, for ice cream, you can have this cool sago and cream mix and instead of cake, here's some Maja Blanca and Ube Jello." It was so touching!  We were all stuffed at the end of the lovely meal.  And despite the boxing match being so boring and uneventful, it was a birthday lunch that I will never forget.

We went to nearby Gaisano Mall so the boys can get their haircut and looked around for some stuff that hubby needed.  He was able to score a nice pair of driving shoes and 2 pairs of Old Navy sweat pants for an absolute steal!  Since I've been sporting a slimmer waistline nowadays, I scouted for a nice casual belt which I found after some steady search.  Before heading back home, the two older kids requested to have some fun at the arcade and armed with 2 tokens each, they chose a car race video game and a rickety bus ride.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home.  When I opened my email inbox and Facebook account, I was floored by the amount of greetings and well-wishes from family and friends.  And so, for a great day filled with delectable food shared with loved ones, precious time being together and wonderful wishes from all over the world - THANK YOU! It is indeed such amazing times we now have to celebrate getting older. I love it!!!

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  1. Family and food! Now there's a HAPPY birthday. :))