Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 67: A Comeback from Old School Days

I was buying some pencils for my son at the local craft store when I was presented with boxes upon boxes of an old school favorite - Bensia pencils.  It's the type of pencil with refillable lead tips.  When one tip gets dull, you pull it out and push it back into the pencil cavity at the bottom and a new tip emerges on top.

These were a hit back in my grade school days together with those big Sanrio magnetic pencil cases that had different compartments (I wish they'd bring those back).  Last year, my sister from Canada asked me if I remembered these pencils from way back and I said yes, too bad they went out of circulation.  Well, she'll be glad to know that it's back!!!  They come in cool colors and designs too plus refill packs of lead tips.  I got one for my son and couldn't resist to buy one for myself too!

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