Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 63: Milestone

Today is a very special day for my bunso...CeeJae took her first 3 steps unassisted. She'd been standing and cruisin' since two months ago when she turned 8 months old.  We noticed that every time she accomplishes a milestone, she gets even more daring and courageous in her actions.

She carefully stood up from a sitting position and held her balance before attempting to move her foot into a step.  Her Daddy coaxed her to come to him and ever so gracefully, she took that step 1...2...and 3...until finally reaching his outstretched arms.
Soon after this accomplishment, she became unstoppable! It was as if she found so much freedom in her new discovery.  As bedtime approached, she tried going up the stairs by herself while being closely guarded by Daddy. She was clapping her hands in glee upon reaching the very top step.  

Great job, baby girl!!!

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