Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 58: Look-Alike

The "bunso" (youngest) of the family is the spitting image of her Kuya (older brother).  At 10 months old, CeeJae is beginning to sway (she's cruisin' crazy now) and sweet talk (her communication skills are amazing) her way into everyone's hearts.  On top of the list would be Kuya Jarred.  He can't seem to resist her toothy smile and mesmerizing eyes.  Whenever Kuya comes home from school and emerges from outside, CeeJae springs up from inside her playpen to greet him.  She always has a ready grin or laugh for him.  On several occasions I've noticed that they've developed a special kind of communication.  Whatever sounds CeeJae would make, it seems that Kuya Jarred could easily understand her and would know exactly what she meant.  Even with Atchie Cailie, Jarred's the same...he would readily translate whatever Cailie said that seemed incoherent to us and he would be right every time.  The role of firstborn might be a tough one for Kuya but we know that he is right for that position.  His love for both of his sisters is proof of that.

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