Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 46: 7 Red Things at Home

When I decided to heed the tag of fellow 365er Xtine, I had some difficulty looking for red things I have at home. I am attracted to the color RED and I do love it but somehow it has been more associated with my sister (whose birthday falls on Valentine's Day) than with me.  I've always been a blue person, I guess.

I do love a good tag and so here goes...7 Red Things at Home (clockwise, from top left-hand corner)

  1. My daughter's Elmo plush toy sent by my sister from Canada.  I believe it was a kid's meal giveaway from a popular fastfood chain there.  It used to record sound but over the years, it lost its recording function.
  2. A recycled ice cream tub which I use as a container for meat or fish in the freezer. My family adores ice cream and so you can expect that my cupboard is filled with this type of container.
  3. The bedtime storybook gifted to my youngest daughter during her christening. For now, my son and older daughter are the ones using it as CeeJae is still too young to read it.
  4. My trusty plastic cooking flipper utensil is a favorite in the kitchen.  I use this to flip pancakes, fry eggs and fish, and basically any kind of sauteing I do while whipping up food magic in my little kingdom.
  5. This is the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale which is a part of my son's collection of Ferraris from the 2009 Shell promo. At present, he only plays with 3 out of the 7 in the collection.  We've completed the redemption of all models but his Dad and I only give him one car at a time...he gets one for special occasions like his birthday, Christmas or when he gets an award from school (which reminds me to give him the 4th one for doing well during the 3rd Quarter in school).
  6. Bursting at the seams (due to wear and tear), this Lightning McQueen folding toy keeper is what my children call their "toy chest".  It serves as home to the knick knacks and stuff that they play with on a daily basis. 
  7. The handy Maped travel stapler which I've had for more than 10 years now. It was the color combination and shape that got me attracted at first. Later on, it proved to be a mighty office tool despite its size...(one of my impulse buys obviously - form before function...LOL!)
Rounding everything up are my son's Valentine's/Chinese New Year's gifts to hubby and myself (center frame photo)...hubby got a hanging banner with the letters L-O-V-E in glitters while I received the hanging heart ornament...we were so surprised when Jarred brought these out on Valentine's Day morning...he hid them under the sofa (as instructed by his Siansi Michele) so that we wouldn't see them beforehand.  As my fellow 365er Jaz said in her blog entry..."This is worth more than any expensive box of chocolates..."

So now, I'm tagging my fellow Project 365/52ers plus those I will tag in FB to join this meme:
  • Take photos of 7 red things that you can find around your home
  • Tag 7 (or more) people to do the same thing

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    1. uy cathee...thanks for participating in the meme! i love redddddd! hehe