Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 45: Our Family's "VALENTINE"

My sister was born on Valentine's day of 1975. Being born on love day, she was aptly christened CHRISTINE MARIE VALENTINE. She doesn't know this but I've always envied her for having such a long and unique name.  I felt a little left out among us three since she and my brother both had 3 names each and I  guess this is the reason why I ended up giving all of my children two names. Today, as the world celebrates Valentine's Day, allow me to pay homage to my one and only sister on her 35th Valentine birthday...

To my dearest Shobe,

First of all, let me greet you a very happy 35th birthday (forgive me for broadcasting your age...hehehe)!  I am sure you will be celebrating your special day with a bang...hmmm...I wonder what Ray and Trei will be up to today.  One thing for sure though, they'll give you a day to remember.

VALENTINE...As I mentioned in the caption above, I've always envied you for having such a long and unique name...yes, dear, even up to now.  I know that growing up you didn't really like having that name and sometimes resented whenever friends jokingly call you "Val" or "Valentina".  Being born on Hearts Day and carrying the name must have been a tall order for you.  You know what?  You've done St. Valentine proud (not to mention all of us in the family)!  Let me tell you that you are living your life worthy of your name.  A quick search on name meanings turned out your full name to mean "Christ's bearer of love in the bitter sea"You have showered all of us around you with so much love and affection.  In times of bitterness, anger or sadness, all you had to do was bring out that beautiful smile and it never fails to lift us up. Your infectious laughter and cheerful ways make life easier despite all the problems and difficulties.

We weren't very close growing up but I will never forget that one year prior to your migration to Canada. It was the year we made up for all the time we treated each other like strangers.  If you'll recall that was one of the most difficult times in my life.  You saved me from being taken over by grief and sorrow.  You were the jester who could bring smiles even if only to my eyes.  You became the big sister, teaching me how to enjoy life even if at times it involved being naughty.  You made me see the rainbow after the rain.  So you see, you became God's bearer of love during my time in the bitter sea.  Those 365 days will be forever etched in my heart for they are very special days of friendship and sisterhood.

When you left the country in 1998, I felt a part of me was taken away.  It was painful to miss you every single day.  The only thing that kept me sane was knowing that the reason you left was to follow your heart. It was four years later when we saw each other again. This time, we were both married ladies already.  I had recently given birth to my firstborn and I knew you had to be his godmother.  You showered us with your love, both in deed and in kind. Your generous heart is always at work in our lives.  I was one proud Ate when you gave birth to Tristan a year later.  I knew then that you'll be one great Mom to him.  Whenever I see and hear Tristan online, I know that you and Ray are doing an awesome job raising him.  It is not easy raising a family there and maintaining a career at the same time.  I salute you for doing very well in both.

It's been 7 years now since we've last seen each other and though I thank God for Facebook and Skype, it's still not the same as being with you face-to-face and chatting away like we used to.  I just pray that we can get together soon and for our families to finally meet each other.

I didn't know what to give you for your birthday.  I wanted to give you something special, something you'd I wrote.

Happy, happy birthday Sis!  Thank you for your love all these years. I love you and I miss you very much!

Cyberhugs and kisses,

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