Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41: The Spice of Life

I love spicy food!  In fact even my dipping sauce always has chili peppers whenever I'm serving fried fish.  There's something about heat exploding inside the mouth that has got me hooked.

However, this post is not about food but rather about the spice of life - the things in our lives that make living exciting.  These are the stuff that make us look forward to waking up each day.

And since I'm one who enjoys heat in my food, it's no wonder that I have quite a long list of the things that spice up my life.  But for the purpose of brevity, let me focus on the top 5:

  1. hubby and I are opposites of each other (which is why sparks fly whenever we argue and the same goes whenever we make up)
  2. my son's stubborn streak (which he obviously got from has made me realize what my parents had to go through while raising me)
  3. my elder daughter's "allergy" to the word 'NO' (she has her means to get what she wants that gets to be irritating most of the time but it only shows that she has a very strong personality and will not take NO for an answer)
  4. my youngest daughter's independent streak (at 9 months old, she already insists on doing things her way...I feel that she's growing up too fast but can't help but rejoice that she's quite advance in her developmental milestones
  5. family squabbles (I believe this is normal in most strengthens relationships and enables family members to exert more effort in understanding each other)
Now, it's your turn...what's your spice of life?

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