Monday, February 8, 2010


Today marks the 6th birthday of my one and only nephew, TRISTAN REI.  He's the only son of my younger sister.  My children fondly call him "cousin TREI".  Due to distance, we haven't met him face-to-face since he lives with his family in Canada.  Thank heavens for modern technology, Jarred, Cailie and CeeJae can regularly video chat with him via Skype.  At times, they would spend hours online showing off their toys and actually playing with them onscreen as if they were just in one room.  Isn't that awesome?

Trei is a cool and very smart kid...I love it when he says my name in that so husky voice..."Hello Tita Cathee!...where's Kuya Red?"  He sent tears to my eyes when at one time he said, "Oh wow Tita Cathee, thanks so much for inviting me to your home...I'd love to go there...Mom, Tita Cathee says I can stay in their house in the Philippines!"  He is such a well-mannered little boy.  No wonder he's got his Mom and Dad wrapped around his little finger...not to mention his two Lolas - Lola Linda and Mommy Cecille and his Tita Ninang Kate.  
You've grown up so fast, little man...and you've brightened the lives of people around you...I can just imagine a room lighting up whenever you enter are that kind of full of energy and joy!  Continue to shower your goodness to those you meet and remember that there are people back in the Philippines who are loving you more and more each day.  

Tristan, we haven't met you in person yet...haven't held you in a warm embrace...haven't kissed your head full of hair...but trust that you are loved deeply by all of us here.  We can't wait for that time when we can all finally meet and be together.

Happy Birthday our dearest Trei!!!  We love and miss you very much!!!

*** NOW photo courtesy of Tita Ninang Kate; THEN photo courtesy of Mommy Tintin

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