Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 37: 38 Years

On February 6, 1972, Rey and Linda said their "I do's" to one another...3 kids and 38 years later...they're still antagonists of each other.  Seriously, theirs is not a mushy love story but a reality of life that majority of people live.  They were thrown lemons, so they made lemonade.  Being their firstborn, I was witness to their early romantic years.  Daddy was such a romantic Romeo (which was one of the reasons why he became my hero while growing up)...he'd always cook up something sweet and cheesy for Mom.  Mom, on the other hand, was the realist...and there were times I did resent her for not valuing Daddy's efforts during her birthdays, their anniversaries and other special occasions.

It is only when I got older and experienced both married life and parenthood did I realize that living their lives weren't easy, especially for Mommy.  They made the best out of what they had and made sure they survived whatever storm came to their relationship and the family.

It'll be 3 years straight now that they've been apart.  Since 2007, Mommy has been living in Langley, B.C. with my younger sister and her family.  She's there to lend a hand in caring for my nephew, Tristan while my sis and b-i-l focus on their careers.  Daddy, on the other hand, is left in the family home in Q.C. with my brother.  

From time to time, I get trapped in between their bickerings and troubles with each other but whenever I step back and try to see what's really behind all the noise and chaos, I feel the longing and the sadness.  Deep in my heart, I know Daddy misses Mom and is longing for her presence.  Mommy, despite all the hardships, I know is sad to be apart from Dad.  They remain two halves of a whole, one won't be complete without the other.

With God's grace, they've started to work on the documentation for their migration to Canada.  Hopefully, by being sponsored by my sister and her family, Mommy and Daddy can finally be back in each other's arms and the whole cycle of loving and arguing can continue...

Happy 38th Anniversary Mom & Dad!!!  Thank you for showing us how both love and reality can strengthen the bond of two married people...thank you for being an inspiration to us whose journey in married life is yet but starting.

Here's to many more years of twogetherness...cheers!

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