Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 36: PTA

I attended the Parent-Teacher Conference at my son's school today.  It was also Recognition Day for the 3rd Quarter of the school year.  My heart was filled with glee when the homeroom teacher announced the honor roll.  With God's grace, Jarred was able to maintain his 2nd honors position in the English Department and was able to return to the honor list in the Chinese Department by placing 4th.  His teacher was so happy about his Filipino grade most of all.  Filipino is, after all, Jarred's waterloo subject (we don't use the language at home so it's quite difficult for him to learn it in school).  From a grade of 85 in the 2nd quarter, he was able to climb 8 notches higher and achieved 93 in Filipino.  Filipino!!!  I couldn't believe it myself.  It was a job well done indeed!  If only his grandparents could hear him read the way he does now...they'd be amazed!   

One of the major topics discussed during the meeting was their graduation in March.  Wow! In a few more weeks, my son will be graduating from preschool.  Wasn't it just yesterday that I took him to BFCS for summer school and he was but a blank canvas, with only eagerness to learn to boast of.  Looking at him now, I always go back to that scene when he first set foot in the blue and white school along Capitol Road...and I whisper a prayer to the Lord above for giving Jarred all his wonderful milestones in learning.

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