Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 35: Healing Hands

Maybe it's the colds...or it may have something to do with teething...whatever it is, baby CeeJae isn't feeling well today.  She was running a slight fever the night before and this morning, we asked our Manang laundrywoman to work her magic of "hilot" (Pinoy massage).  She said my baby had some "piang" at the sides below her armpits. CeeJae certainly began sweating profusely right after and her clogged nose became runny.

In the afternoon of the same day, our trusty reflexologist worked her healing hands on all three children as they were all coughing and showing signs of respiratory allergy.  In this photo, she's working on the tiny foot of CeeJae.  My baby cringed and welled up when the pressure points on fever and coughing were touched.  It was pain that got rewarded by a well-deserved nap.

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