Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33: Child's Play

On a regular day, right after my son leaves for school, the wreck you see on the photo is pretty much an accurate depiction of how the living room turns out to be.  I'd have to say though that the chaos and havoc do reach the other parts of the house, so evidence of child's play is all over the place.

It is a mess...it is noisy...and sometimes, it does get irritating but what's important to note is that it's nothing that can't be arranged, cleaned or put away.  Once my firstborn gets home from school, he knows that it's his responsibility to look after the mess of his younger siblings.  Oh, he mumbles sometimes, but he gets the work done.  It's fun to see him, picking up all the toy pieces that his two little sisters have strewn all over the floor while reminding the two little ones to mind their mess next time.  I'm sure he realizes that his reminders would fall on deaf ears and he'd have to do the same thing over and over until the two girls get old enough to understand about being organized.

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  1. Hello Cat! You should see our place! Its resembles the aftermath of a tsunami. But the girls are now old enough to pack up. It just takes a bit of time, effort and non-stop reminding.