Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 32: A Rosy Start

Oh my! How time flies so fast!  Today is the first day of the love month, February.  It officially marks the end of being in sick bay.  Slowly, the kids are getting back into full gear and their appetites are going back to normal (thank God!!!).  While we were all down with intestinal flu, you'd really notice the relative silence at home and today, it was obvious that it's back to business since the noise and buzz of the kids at home are indeed too loud to not notice.  Well, if there's anything I learned while being sick it's that I'd rather have all the noise and stinky smells of normalcy than being worried over some illness hovering at home.  If the usual cure would be an apple a day...for us, it was a tomato a day, kept the doctor away.  It helped that my "suki" vendor at the market had a lot of ripe and luscious tomatoes at hand when I did my marketing last week.  Even little Cailie was game at posing with these lovely tomatoes to show that she too, is back in form.

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