Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 8: Independence

Didn't I just write about how all grown up my son Jarred is now? Well, today is about another milestone in his life and our family. For the first time, he went to school and back home all by himself. His Dad or I didn't have to accompany him on the way to or back from school.

For many months last year, he kept on dropping hints at us that some of his classmates and schoolmates ride the tricycle all by themselves. In several occasions he would request if we would let him do the same thing. At the time, we thought he might not yet be ready to go off on his own but since turning 7, it seems he has grown so much, proven to be more mature and responsible. And so, today marks his "independence day"...and you should see the grin in his face when he left this morning and the pride in his smile as he arrived home.

Of course, this kind of independence is parent-controlled. We were able to contact a trusty neighbor-trike driver who agreed to bring him to and from school everyday. It is much like a school bus thing only that there is only 1 rider. To my son, it is complete freedom from being treated like a baby.

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