Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 29: "We're going on a trip..." (sung to the tune of the theme from Little Einsteins)

The day started very early for me...I woke up at 5:30 am to prepare breakfast, pack our lunch for the field trip and set up the kids' backpack of personal stuff.  By 7:00 am, I was ready to wake everyone up to take their baths and eat breakfast.
When we arrived at the school, everyone was already in their vehicles, ready to leave.  Jarred's homeroom teacher was already ringing me when she saw our car on the other side of the road.  I guess we arrived just in time.

Our convoy of about 8 or 9 vehicles filled with preschool children, teachers, school heads and parents began our trip toward the first stop which was Nasipit port.  At the port, we were toured on board the M/V Cebu Ferry 2.  We were able to see the captain's bridge and vessel's navigational equipment.  After that brief tour, we began an unexpected long and bumpy trip to Jurassic Park in Carmen, Agusan del Norte.

At first I didn't realize that our destination would be a faraway beach resort, nestled in a small town off Carmen.  It wasn't really supposed to be such a long and bumpy ride had the road to our destination been cemented.  It was, after all, only 14 km off the main highway.  So, what normally took 15 minutes to travel became an hour and a half due to bad road condition.

When we arrived at the resort, we thought that the trip was quite worth it.  It was built around a ridge and below was a breathtaking view of the sea.  Tired from the road trip, we quickly scouted for a place to set up our little picnic and had our lunch.  It was a beautiful place but hardly one that I'd consider safe for preschoolers.  The ridge sides were kind of steep and everyone had to very careful while walking.  I would've allowed my two older kids to swim as I did pack their swimwear had the skies remained clear.  When it seemed that rains would befall us, I decided against the idea and just agreed with the rest of the group that we had to go back home earlier than scheduled.  Rains + bad roads = not good.

The field trip's theme was "Enjoying God's beautiful creation" and indeed, Jurassic Park proved to showcase such beauty.  Maybe in the future, we'll have a longer time to spend there and enjoy its wonder.

We weren't able to take much scenic photos as hubby got busy with macro photography of such unusual subjects.

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