Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 23: Guessing Game

When I started this 365 project I had to look for photo organizing/editing software I could use so I could add text to my photos and make it easier for me to look for photos in my hard disk.  Right now, I'm making use of two is an online photo editing software at and the other is a free downloadable software called Picasa.  Picasa is the one I used to make the collage here.  

When I  was organizing my photos, I was amazed at the face recognition feature wherein it grouped together the pictures by person.  While skimming through the person albums, I discovered some photos of my kids jumbled up...those of Jarred's went to Cailie's, CeeJae's went to Jarred' dawned on me that the software would group the pics into a person's album based on the it meant that at one point in their lives, my 3 children actually looked alike.  Aha!!!  Why not make a collage of 3 photos showing all three of them at relatively the same age.  So, the finished product is what you see here. Jarred, Cailie and CeeJae at about 8 months old. Can you try and figure out which is which? What similar facial features do they all share?

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