Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14: Transformation

For several months now, I've been receiving comments on my weight loss, especially whenever I visit my son's school.  Although I am aware that there has been some change, I wasn't fully aware of how much the transformation had been until I saw a picture of mine taken six months ago.  I asked hubby to snap a photo of me now, wearing the exact same clothes.  The top and jeans are the same ones but I had the jeans altered some weeks back as it had been sliding down already and the fit wasn't great anymore.

I am glad and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to make the change without much stress and effort on my part at all.  The big change you can see is courtesy of tandem breastfeeding and a cut on my rice consumption.  Everything else on my diet is more or less the same and although I don't follow a regular exercise regime, I've been keeping active ever since we let go of our household help.  Doing household chores is one surefire way of getting some exercise in your life.  I'm trying my best to keep the habit up and hopefully, I can maintain this look from now on.


  1. thumbs up sis :-) now you know the secret how i keep my weight even if I eat like a horse. bwahaha. with my kind of lifestyle, all calories are burned with no effort at all. conclusion, don't be a couch potato.

  2. you look good cathee! i lost a lot of weight also while breastfeeding alyssa but gained it all back as soon i've stopped. :( hopefully with this baby, i will try to maintain na even after i've breastfed. :D