Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 12: Memories of Pregnancy and CS Delivery

A friend was asking some advice on how to prepare for a CS delivery.  She's due to give birth this week and her baby is still in a breech position so a Caesarean section is inevitable.  It'll be her first so she is kind of apprehensive about the procedure.

Having delivered all three of my children via CS, I'd like to think I'm quite qualified to give my thoughts about the procedure.

My worst experience with the operation was the very first one, only because it was an emergency CS and I wasn't prepared for it, physically, mentally and emotionally.  I was a newbie and didn't know what to do right after the operation.  Indeed, the recovery was slow and painful.  With my succeeding two deliveries, I made sure I read up on how to prep myself on all three aspects: physical, mental and emotional.  True enough, the last two procedures went by like a breeze.  I was able to pull myself up quickly and recovery was record fast.  I also had an advantage since I really decided to do complete breastfeeding for both my girls which I wasn't able to do with my son.

Here are some tips I can share to make a CS operation less daunting and scary and to ensure a smooth and quick recovery:

1. Don't be afraid to ask your OB details about the procedure.  He/She should be able to allay your anxiety or fear.

2. Make sure you get a very good abdominal binder.  It will be your best friend in making sure your stitches heal well and getting you back to your pre-pregnancy figure. (refer to the picture above for a visual)

3. Follow the NPO (non per orem) instruction of your OB strictly.  No liquid or solid intake at least 12 hours prior to your CS. This will ensure you of a shorter "suffering" and allow you to take in liquids or solid food shortly after your operation.  I went on a fiber-filled diet for the whole week prior to my CS schedule to ensure I didn't suffer constipation after the procedure.  CS and constipation = not a good mix

4. Follow the instructions of your Anesthesiologist during the insertion of your spinal or epidural.  Your obedience will reward you of an almost pain-free procedure.

5. Do not attempt to speak within 12 hours after your operation to prevent "kabag".

6. Try your best to move sideways within 6 hours after operation; elevate your bed in varying degrees within 12 hours after operation; sit up within 12-18 hours; and walk within 24-36 hours after the CS.

7. If at all possible, try to breastfeed your baby as soon as you feel you are up to it.  It will help a lot in the healing process. *** With my 3rd baby, I was breastfeeding 3 hours after the operation.

8. You can take full showers already provided your OB used a waterproof seal on your stitches.  If not, you have to take extra precaution not to get the scar area wet when you take a shower or bath.  

9. During your recovery, do not attempt to carry more than the weight of your baby for at least 6 months postpartum.

10. Refrain from going up and down stairs and exerting too much effort for at least two months after your operation.

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  1. ack ack, the memories of CS! hehe I don't know where my binder is....must have thrown it out or given it's been 13 years since I had to use it! bwehehe