Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 11: Innocence

There are times when I wish I could be back to being a child.  No worries, no problems, no big responsibilities.  When adult life becomes too complicated, stressful to the point that one has sleepless nights filled with anxiety, it's wonderful to go back to the time when all these problems were virtually non-existent.

As a child, all I had to think about was what to play, what to eat and what to watch on television.  At the time, my biggest problem was how to dodge the "siesta" and let the yaya believe that I already took my share of an afternoon nap.

As I grew older I realized that for every year I gained in age, I also gained a level of difficulty in life.  I would get additional responsibility or feel a certain added emotional strain.  I guess it's really just that God only gives you what you can handle every single time.  He prepares you for every step you will take in life.

My wish is that for each of my children to be prepared to face life head on.  I hope that the manner by which we are bringing them up now will help them become the best person they can be...children of God, people for others.

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