Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 10: Imagination

It was late in the afternoon when hubby hollered for me to go downstairs and see what our eldest daughter was up to.  Using two foams of our sofa and several throw pillows, Cailie creatively constructed her own little ice cream truck.  She would open the "hatch" at the back whenever someone wants to buy some of her ice cream.  How's that for imagination?  That's Cailie...Ms. Smarty Pants!

***We've noticed how faster the learning process is for our two little girls compared to our son during the same age.  It made us realize that Cailie was able to walk and talk earlier because of her exposure to her Kuya.  Since Kuya was around, there was someone she could follow and emulate.  This is also the reason why we're kind of hard on our son when it comes to discipline.  It's because he is the role model of his two younger siblings and he has to set a good example to them.

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